Guitarist, Programmer, President and CEO, Keyboardist, Bass Guitar, Music Recording, Piano, Bicycling, Sim Racing, Artwork and Photography…

Been there, done that!  I have many different aspects of life that I enjoy.  Each item above is varied and diverse and helps to keep me occupied.

This website is devoted just to Artwork and Photography.  My latest, and quite possible my last passion.  There is nothing better than fine art and the feeling of being lost in a painting.  It helps place me a million miles away from the day to day stuff in life that we want to run away from.  No pretense, no obligations just a state of mind.

One of Claud Monet’s haystack paintings reeled me in.  In 2002 a galley showing of some of his artworks were down in Las Vegas and Nancy and I went to see them in the Venetian.  The use of his colors in the shadows of the stack just blew me away.  The purples against the oranges of the field locked me into a trance.  I stood there for five minutes just enjoying the simplicity of his artwork.  Not photo-realistic but if you squinted your eyes it was just as real as any photograph.  Pure genius!  Here is a sample of the image:

Monet's Haystack

To be able to paint like “the master” has inspired me to get where I am today after five years of trying (I took a three year break because of technology constraints).

Please enjoy your visit here and Thank you for stopping by to learn a little bit more about my artwork!  I will be posting new artwork in the gallery as soon as each piece is finished.


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