I’m using the ArtRage photo creation software tool on my iPad, iMac and Windows computers.  The feeling and way that this program reacts to input is phenomenal!  Using two different tablets for pen input (Wacom) I am able to paint using any tool required to get the job done.  Oil paint, watercolor, pallet knife, etc., the tools are available and the ease of use to use the program makes it better than anything else I have tried (Corel Painter, Procreate, and a few others on my iPad).  Is it perfect; no.  Does it do everything I want to do today; yes.  Here is a link to a video about Artrage:

After I get 20 or 30 more digital photos under my belt I am thinking of trying water soluble oils paints.  I started with oil paints 7 years ago and hated the smell and fire hazard that real oils created.  Now there are water based oils that rival traditional oil paints and that would be so cool!  Me, the canvas, paints and paint brushes.  Nothing else standing in the way of art.  No technobabble!


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